I was born and raised in Luhansk, Ukraine and today my homeland is under attack. Words fail to express how I feel watching these events unfold. Russia’s unprovoked war in Ukraine and the resulting humanitarian crisis is heartbreaking.

Dicom Systems strongly condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This war is an international crime of historic proportions. We see the Russian attack on a democratic neighbor as an attack on democracy itself. We firmly stand on the principles of a free and sovereign Ukraine and their right to determine their own fate.

Since the beginning of the war, we have been working closely with our friends and colleagues to provide resources available to us. We are also grateful to all our clients and partners who have expressed support for our associates and the continuation of our business relationships.

Dmitriy Tochilnik,
Founder and CTO of Dicom Systems

For humanitarian aid, please visit The Office of the President of Ukraine website.
To hire Ukrainians affected by the war visit hireforukraine.org