Teleradiology Solutions

More than ever radiology and teleradiology need the same software and platforms. The imaging enterprise today no longer fits within the four walls of a hospital or imaging center and radiology groups function as virtual teams. The line between intramural and extramural imaging workflows is not only blurring, it is fast disappearing. Enterprise Imaging today demands that healthcare IT solutions support a simple and elegant vision of merged intra-mural and extra-mural workflows through an integrated, interoperable, and distributed architecture. Dicom Systems excels at delivering highly interoperable and distributed reading environments, regardless of IT or network constraints.

DICOM Modality Worklist Automates the transfer of information from any HIS/RIS/EMR to any number of modalities. Aggregates non-scalable MWLs across the enterprise, turning any exam-scheduling database into an enterprise-grade DICOM Modality Worklist server.
Rapid DICOM A simplified version of Unifier. The easily configurable advanced router requires minimum configuration and doesn’t require external IP.
Relevant Priors Enables radiologists to have both relevant priors and current studies routed to their workstations. Prefetch allows physicians to set several individual parameters, such as date range, modality and body part to pull relevant prior studies.
Load Balancer Make 100% uptime for your imaging workflows within reach with the Dicom Systems Unifier Load Balancer. Use alone or with our state of the art High Availability for all incoming traffic.
High latency / Packet loss transmission optimization Achieve higher bandwidths and lower latencies by applying TCP BBR for image traffic, resulting in lightning-fast image transmission speeds offering reliable DICOM transfers, even in remote locations with poor network connectivity.

Benefits of Dicom Systems Teleradiology Solutions

  • Benefits of Dicom Systems Teleradiology Solutions
  • Improves transmission speed with high latency packet loss by using TCP BBR technology
  • Flexible deployment options: on-premise, private and hybrid cloud
  • Vendor-neutral, IHE compliant framework for seamless integration.
  • Access to granular level customization gives IT teams the power to build applications that match their environment, ensuring efficiency and ease of rollout throughout the imaging enterprise.
  • Guaranteed encryption of all outgoing traffic
  • Contract model makes it easy for teleradiology providers to grow—buy what you need when you need it.