Teleradiology Solutions

The demand for teleradiology services continues to grow, and estimates suggest that the market will reach $11.5 billion by 2026. Healthcare organizations and Imaging service providers of all sizes can capture a portion of the market or leverage teleradiology services to meet their goals.

Dicom Systems specializes in customized enterprise imaging workflows that address the unique needs of teleradiology. The Unifier platform offers a seamless and secure means of transmitting medical images and studies for interpretation, enabling timely and accurate diagnosis, regardless of geographical barriers.

DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL)

DICOM Modality Worklist automates the transfer of information from any HIS, RIS, or EMR system to any number of modalities. Aggregates non-scalable MWLs across the enterprise, turning any exam-scheduling database into an enterprise-grade DICOM Modality Worklist server.

Relevant Priors

Route the appropriate priors and current studies to the radiologist’s workstations with relevant priors. Prefetch allows physicians to set parameters such as date range, modality, and body part to pull relevant prior studies.

Rapid DICOM Router

The Dicom Systems Rapid Dicom Router provides a quick and secure solution to remote imaging networks across multiple healthcare enterprises. The Rapid DICOM router is scalable and establishes an image-sharing “hub” to combine various medical sites, creating a single radiology enterprise with one single worklist for all.

Load Balancing

Healthcare organizations can intelligently and proactively balance incoming DICOM data from external providers, modalities, or PACS/MIMPS. Load balancing rules are customized to specific preferences and requirements, contributing to timely, high-quality patient care while optimizing IT resources, application delivery, and overall scalability.

TCP BBR Congestion Control Protocol

Integrating TCP BBR into Dicom Systems Unifier provides unprecedented speed, reliability, and security for accessing critical medical imaging data. Our platform is adaptable to any environment, streamlines workflows, solves interoperability challenges and enhances overall performance. Unifier’s workflow engine and data migration tools effectively remedy healthcare organizations facing latency issues, downtime, or delays in image processing due to cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of Dicom Systems Teleradiology Solutions

  • The scalable contract model allows organizations to acquire services as needed and promotes growth and operational flexibility.
  • Flexible deployment options include on-premise, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that align the infrastructure with their specific requirements and preferences.
  • A vendor-neutral integration compliant framework with Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and facilitating interoperability across the healthcare enterprise.
  • Imaging workflow customization for optimal efficiency
  • Secure encryption of outgoing traffic ensures sensitive patient data’s privacy and security during transmission. This commitment to secure encryption safeguards patient confidentiality and complies with HIPPA security privacy regulations.

By partnering with Dicom Systems for teleradiology services, healthcare organizations can enhance their diagnostic capabilities, reduce turnaround times, improve patient care, and achieve greater operational efficiency. Experience the future of teleradiology with Dicom Systems and unlock the potential of remote imaging interpretation.

If you want to deploy and streamline your teleradiology workflows, consider the Unifier platform by Dicom Systems. Contact an enterprise imaging workflow expert to learn more about how Unifier can help you achieve greater efficiency and productivity in your imaging operations.