Rapid DICOM Routers

The Rapid DICOM Router, Rapid + DICOM Router, and the Unifier®platform offer specific functionalities and capabilities to meet the demands of modern healthcare workflows. From streamlined interactions within hub-and-spoke models to the flexibility of routing to multiple destinations with identical rules, healthcare providers have options to streamline imaging data flow, enhance efficiency, and improve patient care.

Rapid DICOM Router

The Rapid DICOM Router is a centralized, many-to-one, single-destination “spoke,” providing a fast and secure solution to connect multiple clinics and imaging sites to one central hub destination enhancing workflow efficiency. As a “spoke,” it harmonizes DICOM imaging data flow among various modalities and image sources, optimizing communication and coordination to streamline interactions within a hub-and-spoke model. Tailored for teleradiology requirements and remote site and connectivity, it expedites data transmission to a central Unifier, ensuring swift and effective workflow management while eliminating the need to establish or maintain VPNs. The Dicom Systems Rapid DICOM Router works best for clinics, teleradiology services, and remote sites that seek effortless integration with a central hub to simplify operations and within environments with limited resources or dedicated IT personnel. For scenarios requiring intelligent DICOM or HL7 routing and transformations, the Unifier platform goes beyond the “spoke” single destination model.

Dicom Systems Rapid DICOM Router.

Rapid + DICOM Router

The Rapid+ DICOM Router builds upon the capabilities of the Rapid DICOM Router by extending its routing capabilities to three destinations, all governed by the same routing rules. Rapid+ is a centralized “spoke,” facilitating swift and secure connections between multiple clinics and imaging sites enhancing functionality allows for increased flexibility in directing DICOM imaging data flow while optimizing workflow efficiency within hub-and-spoke models. Ideal for teleradiology requirements and remote site connectivity, Rapid+ expedites data transmission to a central Unifier, ensuring seamless and proficient workflow management. While Rapid+ excels in scenarios requiring up to three destinations, Dicom Systems’ Unifier platform remains the solution for more complex scenarios necessitating intelligent DICOM or HL7 routing and transformations beyond the single destination model.

Dicom Systems Rapid+ DICOM Router.

Rapid and Rapid + DICOM Router Features and Benefits

  • Centralized Hub-and-Spoke Routing: Connects multiple sites to a central Unifier hub, streamlining data flow coordination and simplifying operations.
  • Secure and Fast Data Transmission: High-speed data compression and transmission without VPN, enabled by fast, direct site connections and efficient database design for robust single-site transfers.
  • Flexible Multi-Destination Routing: Rapid DICOM Router for up to 1 destination and Rapid+ DICOM Router for up to 3 destinations, with customizable rules based on DICOM tags: standard or private.
  • Expedited Teleradiology and Remote Connectivity: Quickly integrate new clinics, offices, or hospitals into the imaging network. Guaranteed seamless study transfers via customizable DICOM routing with delivery verification, redundant failover, and comprehensive logging.
  • Seamless integration: Works with Unifier as a centralized hub to handle advanced routing tag morphing.
  • Remote Management: Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), web GUI, certificate management, and compatibility with DICOM viewers.