Rapid DICOM Router

Rapid DICOM router provides a quick and secure solution to remote imaging networks across multiple healthcare enterprises. Designed for scalability, the Rapid DICOM router establishes an image sharing “hub” to combine various medical sites and creates a single radiology enterprise with one single worklist for all. This allows patients to have reliable and immediate access to diagnosticians and treatment expertise across the enterprise regardless of their physical location. The Rapid DICOM router can help solve some of the interoperability challenges facing healthcare providers of any size.

Rapid DICOM Router Features

  • Solid-state and efficient database design provides fast, and robust routing solutions for single-site transfers.
  • High-speed transfer built to compress acquired data
  • Images can be routed by any DICOM tag, standard or private
  • Customizable DICOM routing redundant failover, advanced logging functionality, and advanced destination setup
  • Compatible with any DICOM-viewer
  • Study delivery check to ensure full transfer of incomplete studies
  • Remote Management, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and web GUI
  • SNMP-based monitoring capability and API to any SNMP-based monitoring solutions
  • Certificate management, import/export including PKI certificate support
  • Any remote clinic, medical office, or hospital can be added to the remote image network in a matter of hours.

“In the emergency setting, speed is essential and Dicom Systems helps us deliver results at much higher speeds with near-zero downtimes.”

Gautam Agrawal
Vision Radiology

“By utilizing Dicom System’s Unifier, RRIA can more efficiently move images around across disparate information systems and deliver them to the radiologist in a format that best supports their productivity, clinical quality, and report turnaround times.“ 

Ron Hosenfeld
Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates

“Without Dicom Systems, we would need an army of vendor support and analysts.”

Trevor Walker
Principal Systems Analyst at Stanford Health Care

“The Unifier platform has enabled SCPMG to easily manage a large number of DICOM routers. We can maximize functionality and update the business logic of over 2,500 modalities in our network.”

Bruce W. Hoel
Imaging Solutions Architect at SCPMG