Patient Matching

Data dictates the effectiveness of healthcare—the right treatment needs to be provided to the right patient, using the right patient information. Duplicate EHRs cost hospitals an average of $1,950 per patient per inpatient stay. Reconciling patient demographics for medical images that were generated elsewhere can be one of the most labor-intensive and error-prone processes. Dicom Systems makes it easy for your clerical and clinical staff to automate the ingestion of outside imaging studies. 

Patient Matching Process 

With our Patient Match module, the Unifier platform can quickly present possible patient matches for incoming images with three effective outcomes:

  • With 95% or more confidence that your database already has a matching patient, Unifier automatically transforms the appropriate DICOM tags to match your database, then auto-routes the modified exam to your PACS/MIMPS or VNA
  • In the case of multiple possible matches, Unifier presents the options in a list for an administrator to decide which of the records is the right match
  • When no matches are found among existing patient records, Unifier will place the exam in a QA worklist—awaiting the creation of a new MRN for the incoming set of images.

Patient Matching Benefits

  • Reduce duplicate medical records and overlays
  • Prevent medical identity theft and insurance fraud
  • Decrease dependency on manual labor and personnel
  • Streamline redundancies as a result of new sites, vendor changes, and healthcare reform
  • Gain the full value from your EHR investment
  • Increase patient satisfaction and safety

Learn more about fast and accurate patient auto-matching for your organization’s PACS/MIMPS and EHR with the Patient Matching feature module.

“In the emergency setting, speed is essential and Dicom Systems helps us deliver results at much higher speeds with near-zero downtimes.”

Gautam Agrawal
Vision Radiology

“By utilizing Dicom System’s Unifier, RRIA can more efficiently move images around across disparate information systems and deliver them to the radiologist in a format that best supports their productivity, clinical quality, and report turnaround times.“ 

Ron Hosenfeld
Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates

“The Unifier platform has enabled SCPMG to easily manage a large number of DICOM routers. We can maximize functionality and update the business logic of over 2,500 modalities in our network.”

Bruce W. Hoel
Imaging Solutions Architect at SCPMG