Intelligent Routing

Save time and resources by automating the flow of data between disparate systems and eliminating workflow outliers that require manual intervention and can lead to risk and inefficiency. Unifier intelligently connects systems and equipment to make end-users more efficient and extend the life of older equipment. The Dicom Systems Unifier platform performs powerful, rules-based intelligent routing that connects to your medical imaging enterprise.

Intelligent Routing Benefits

The Unifier platform can enable complex routing that is not supported by your PACS/MIMPS. This includes routing of special procedures, image-level rerouting for study segmentation, and unique exception workflows. Route triggers can include any standard or private DICOM tag, date or time, HL7 field or group of fields. Data can be cached for future delivery and the platform performs incomplete study delivery checks to ensure full study transfer.

  • Eliminate cumbersome manual workflows that are time-consuming and error-prone
  • Confidently expand reading services to any spoke sites, even those with limited IT resources and bandwidth, knowing that routing speeds will not impact customer service
  • Keep expensive modalities focused on image acquisition, not routing studies
  • Add more resiliency to your imaging infrastructure by avoiding single points of failure providing several backup workflow options to enable clinical care even when other imaging IT systems are unavailable

Unifier Intelligent Routing streamlines imaging workflow and provides a robust solution for expedited routing. Save transfer time with a central platform for all medical images that easily flows between different sites and healthcare providers.