HL7 Enterprise Imaging Integration and Routing

HL7 Enterprise Imaging Integration and Routing

With HL7 integration from Dicom Systems, healthcare providers can connect disparate systems like EHR/EMR, PACS/MIMPS, RIS or HIS into a single framework and centralized messaging hub for sharing enterprise imaging related data. All connections to and from a PACS/MIMPS, vendor neutral archive (VNA), and modalities can be managed through a single workflow engine supporting DICOM, DICOMweb, HL7 or FHIR onsite or remotely. This centralized hub allows outside facilities to send any type of HL7 or FHIR message and modify the metadata. With FHIR or HL7 integration, healthcare organizations with multiple locations or remote access requirements can deliver files in the same standard so that they can easily be read or modified.

HL7 integration features and benefits

  • Built-in enterprise DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL)
  • Bi-directional FHIR ready HL7 messages.
  • Translation of SIU to ORM or any other standard HL7 message and sending and receiving patient reminders.
  • Standard browser-based UI utilized for full management of HL7 workflows. No extra coding required.
  • Unlimited HL7 interfaces at no additional cost.
  • Send complete HL7 messages to PACS/MIMPS or VNA.
  • Parse and route HL7 field or group of fields as routing triggers.
  • New and legacy imaging modalities and systems supported.
  • Full DICOM and HL7 interoperability with compliant devices.

Dicom Systems HL7 interface

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“In the emergency setting, speed is essential and Dicom Systems helps us deliver results at much higher speeds with near-zero downtimes.”

Gautam Agrawal
Vision Radiology

“By utilizing Dicom System’s Unifier, RRIA can more efficiently move images around across disparate information systems and deliver them to the radiologist in a format that best supports their productivity, clinical quality, and report turnaround times.“ 

Ron Hosenfeld
Riverside Radiology and Interventional Associates

“Without Dicom Systems, we would need an army of vendor support and analysts.”

Trevor Walker
Principal Systems Analyst at Stanford Health Care

“The Unifier platform has enabled SCPMG to easily manage a large number of DICOM routers. We can maximize functionality and update the business logic of over 2,500 modalities in our network.”

Bruce W. Hoel
Imaging Solutions Architect at SCPMG