Improve overall patient experience by enabling quick and easy access to medical images and health data

Unifier Interface WebBridge for Application Integration

Interface Bridge from Dicom Systems allows any native or web-based third-party application to upload any non-standard data (e.g. JPEG, TFF, PDF, TXT, etc.) to DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Suite and Vendor Neutral Archive. The solution enables users to search studies, link data to the appropriate study plus store, modify, share and connect to any repository, anywhere, and anytime.

WebBridge provides endless opportunities for integrations with any type of medical applications to improve the accessibility of the patient data

A general use case is to attach any object to a patient record, using any mobile device or any third-party application such as EMR, EHR, RIS, PACS, or workflow radiology apps. Based on the DICOM PS3.18 2014b – Web Services standard, DCMSYS Interface Bridge works in a secure HIPAA-compliant way and allows connectivity with Dicom Systems Vendor Neutral Archive or Medical Imaging Workflow Unifier from any third party application without a VPN.

DICOM PS3.18 2014b – Web Services standard provides a simple mechanism for accessing DICOM persistent objects, through HTTP/HTTPS protocol, using DICOM UIDs (Unique Identifiers). Data may be retrieved either in a presentation-ready format, as specified by the requester (e.g., JPEG or GIF) or in a native DICOM format.

We support rapid integration for the new and existing web applications with a complete family of DICOM web protocols, based on RESTful web services, such as OAuth 2.0, WADO, WADO-RS, QIDO-RS, and STOW-RS. OAuth 2.0 focuses on client developer simplicity while providing specific authorization flows for web applications. DCMSYS’s unique technology with Interface WebBridge allows associating any non-standard proprietary file format to specific patient’s medical information.

WebBridge Benefits

QueryQIDO-RSDICOM PS3.18 6.7
RetrieveWADO-RSDICOM PS3.18 6.5
StoreSTOW-RSDICOM PS3.18 6.6
CapabilitiesService informationDICOM PS3.18 6.8