Dicom Proxy Enables Enterprise Imaging Professionals To Achieve Vendor Neutrality

The Dicom Systems Workflow Unifier platform enables multiple proxy connections to and from unlimited disparate DICOM nodes, including modalities, secondary capture devices, PACS/MIMPS and VNA; this open approach to imaging data exchanges allows Enterprise Imaging professionals to reach true vendor-neutrality and interoperability between systems that tend to be siloed off from one another. 

The Unifier’s DICOM Query-Retrieve functionality enables enterprise-wide end users to proxy their C-FIND and C-MOVE requests from any workstation, server or DICOM source, into the intended DICOM archive. This is an important tool in the Dicom Systems Unifier framework for any archive migration process. Proxy functionality is particularly useful for situations where an old PACS/MIMPS or archive cannot be taken offline for undetermined periods of time, essentially increasing the longevity, usefulness and reliability of older enterprise imaging systems during migrations, or even after a migration has been completed.

The proxy method provides more limited and therefore more secure access to the PACS/MIMPS, which can substantially help reduce human error by limiting and centralizing end user access via a well-controlled, secure appliance.