DICOM Modality Worklist

Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and EMR/EHR solutions provide a master index of patient demographics and exam scheduling information. Without DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL), modalities must take patient healthcare information (PHI) and manually enter it into the modality.This process can introduce additional manual labor and the risk of human error. Unifier Dicom Modality Worklist automates the transfer of information from any HIS/RIS/EMR to unlimited modalities and also aggregates obsolete, non-scalable MWL’s across the enterprise, turning any exam-scheduling database into an enterprise-grade Dicom Modality Worklist server. Enabling effective modality management communication between any DICOM healthcare IT applications.

Universal Worklist

Unifier provides the ability to create a central, enterprise-grade worklist that can encompass all modalities and archives, both DICOM and non-DICOM, and internal and external to a health system. This feature includes support for visible light studies captured with cameras, scopes, and mobile devices. It enables imaging IT to create granular accessibility permissions and stores for specific locations, groups, or individual employees.

DICOM Modality Worklist Benefits

  • Ensures an organization has a common source for patient demographics and that all patient data is incorporated into the EMR even if there are disparate RIS or CIS systems
  • All studies, even those generated by remote sites can be easily and automatically linked to the patient record and available to care teams
  • Reduces errors and manual process with automated workflows for DMWL enabled devices or even non-DICOM devices such as cameras or scopes
  • Ensure adherence to HIPAA and other data security protocols by only granting users access to the study data they need
  • Provides a robust infrastructure for Dicom Modality Worklist  that can effectively scale with growth and acquisitions and provide a highly available solution for an entire health system.
  • Route using any HL7 field or a group of fields as routing triggers
  • Powerful enterprise-wide configuration management, logging, and auditing for HIPAA
  • Transparent, user-friendly WebGUI configuration tools and setup wizard

Dicom Modality Worklist with DICOM modality proxy remains one of the most requested value-added modules from the Dicom Systems Enterprise Imaging Unifier platform, an interface engine designed for workflow, archiving, cloud, and AI enablement.

“In the emergency setting, speed is essential and Dicom Systems helps us deliver results at much higher speeds with near-zero downtimes.”

Gautam Agrawal
Vision Radiology

“Without Dicom Systems, we would need an army of vendor support and analysts.”

Trevor Walker
Principal Systems Analyst at Stanford Health Care