DICOM Load Balancing

Improved uptime for your imaging workflows is within reach with Dicom Systems Unifier Load Balancing. Use alone or with our state of the art high-availability for all incoming traffic. Optimized features such as DICOM image caching, compression, faster application delivery and ensure scalability.
The flow of DICOM data within and across a healthcare network is dependent on many variables. Server performance, time of day, size of data files, and available network bandwidth all impact how quickly a study moves between modalities, archives, and workstations. The urgency of emergent studies, workflow needs of various specialties, and service level agreements with both internal and external constituencies are often drivers for exercising more control over data traffic. Load balancing technology specifically designed for DICOM (DIMSE) data gives imaging IT departments control over how resources can be efficiently used in the transmission and storage of these large datasets. Load Balancing from Dicom Systems provides the ability to apply customized distribution of DICOM studies to multiple downstream PACS/MIMPS ingestion points for more efficient processing of images. This solution tailors to DICOM data and works on application level versus the standard TCP/IP load balancing offering from other vendors.

With Unifier, healthcare organizations can intelligently and proactively balance incoming DICOM data from external providers, modalities or PACS/MIMPS. Load balancing rules are customized to specific preferences and requirements, contributing to timely, high-quality care for patients while also optimizing IT resources, application delivery, and overall scalability.

Load Balancer Features

  • Round Robin
  • Weighted round robin
  • Customizable number of thread to each node
  • Balancing traffic by any DICOM TAG or any combination of DICOM tags
  • DICOM PROXY capabilities
  • Bind and support transparent Application Entity (AE) Title and bind any AE Title
  • Designed to deliver images from the same study to the same destination regardless of the time received.
  • Optional Disaster Recovery (DR) cluster

How Dicom Systems Load Balancing Works