AI Conductor

As a tsunami of new imaging AI continues to flood diagnostic imaging, caregiver organizations need a simple, consistent, and flexible approach to validating, adopting, and discreetly integrating AI into Enterprise Imaging. Not only should AI algorithms enhance diagnostics in a measurable and tangible manner, but they must also be non-disruptive, quasi-invisible, and dockerized to existing diagnostic workflows.

Unifier with AI Conductor for PACS and EHR drives and conducts AI workflows to get the right information to the right location at the right time and in the right format. Bottlenecks that impact successful AI implementations can now be effectively managed and resolved. Healthcare organizations need for Artificial Intelligence (AI) deployments to be delivered to multiple AI algorithms in either the cloud or on-prem is critical. These implementations require a router that meets the specific AI criteria for successful deployments. Consistent leveraging of enterprise imaging industry standards such as DICOMweb and FHIR, Dicom Systems AI Conductor offers a scalable, customized, and integrated solution for enterprise imaging AI.

AI Conductor Use Case 

Learn how to Access AI Routers for PACS and EHR Dicom Systems