Unifier platform empowers your IT professionals and clinicians with a broad and versatile set of tools, designed to provide maximum transparency throughout your imaging enterprise. Your healthcare ecosystem and clinical workflows should not be made to conform to some other organization’s standards because no two providers are identical. Whether you are looking for a powerful integration engine or VNA, the Dicom Systems Unifier platform has enterprise solutions with high performance and scalability.

Featured Modules

Whether you need to create custom workflows, improve interoperability, tap into cloud or operationalize AI algorithms, Unifier Enterprise Imaging platform has a set of tools designed for versatility and high performance. Our native vendor-neutral approach to DICOM, HL7 and FHIR integration ensures that your enterprise imaging IT ecosystem is cohesively and seamlessly integrated.

Intelligent Routing

Unifier application performs powerful, rules-based intelligent routing that connects to your medical imaging enterprise.

HL7 Integration

Seamless HL7 integration from Dicom Systems uses your current systems, helping you avoid the installation of yet another layer of software. 

Pulling Relevant Priors

Prefetch from Dicom Systems enables radiologists to have both relevant priors and current studies routed to their workstations. 

DICOM Modality Worklist

Enable effective modality management communication between any DICOM healthcare IT applications.

Unifier Archive

Unifier Archive is the ultimate archiving solution for any medical facility, regardless of size. Incorporated as part of the Unifier ecosystem will meet your workflow objectives and ensure an efficient enterprise imaging environment.

Cloud VNA

Cloud VNA provides relevant imaging storage and retrieval services over the internet instead of via the massive on-prem computer server networks found in many facilities.

Patient Matching

With the Patient Match module, Unifier platform can quickly present possible patient matches for incoming images.

Enterprise Web Viewer

Integrate a zero-footprint web viewer to maintain clinical operations during PACS downtime as well as support business continuity.


Dicom Systems offers a proven and scalable de-identification toolset that unlocks valuable imaging studies for areas such as research, policy assessment, and comparative effectiveness studies. 

AI Conductor

Unifier with AI Conductor can rise to the challenge of stringent AI requirements by offering a fully-featured router that drives and conducts the workflow to get the information to the right location at the right time in the right format. 

FireBridge for FHIR

FireBridge enables any third-party system to seamlessly integrate using the latest FHIR standards to communicate real-time data across disparate systems.

Load Balancer

Make 100% uptime for your imaging workflows within reach with the Dicom Systems Unifier Load Balancer. Use alone or with our state of the art High Availability for all incoming traffic.