Workflow Bottlenecks White Paper

Can a single DICOM router process and route 4.1 billion images per year?

The purpose of this white paper is to determine the average transmission time and transfer speed of a DICOM router. Of course, when it comes to the average speed, one has to consider many factors, such as hardware, network speed, and so on. We teamed up with one of our clients, a large teleradiology group that processes over 1.5 million studies a year, and performed a series of tests to determine how transformation and workflow rules affect the speed.

Dicom Systems is a healthcare IT company that specializes in DICOM and HL7 routing and integration and we know that our enterprise clients care about router performance, speed, and image turnaround time. The question of the “average transfer speed” comes up all the time. As a vendor, we want to give the most accurate answer to this question, but that is not always possible, because no two facilities are alike. So, we set out to perform a series of tests to determine the bottlenecks and make sure that Dicom Systems’ software is using all the available resources efficiently.