Webinar: Enterprise Imaging Playbook

Practical Ways to Optimize Your Imaging Technology Stack

In order to grow and take on new initiatives you have to first ensure your fundamental imaging workflows happen seamlessly at scale: routing data, fetching priors, modality throughput, integrating older modalities and new technologies, and migrating archives. Christopher Radi, SVP, Information Technology at Foundation Radiology Group, and Florent Saint-Clair, EVP at Dicom Systems, discussed incremental changes you can make to your imaging infrastructure to solve these common challenges and have a real, measurable impact on network performance, clinical workflow, and connectivity.

They offered recommendations for

  • Managing data across multiple locations and image acquisition devices 
  • Updating your infrastructure to support new and legacy imaging modalities and archives
  • Leveraging technology investments by solving multiple challenges with a single solution 
  • Investing in enterprise-grade solutions that can scale and perform
  • Ensuring your data is ready to be tapped for AI and research initiatives 



Florent Saint-Clair, Executive Vice President, Dicom Systems

Chris Radi, Senior Vice President, Information Technology at Foundation Radiology Group