Vision Radiology Case Study

National emergency teleradiology group finds the speed and workflow efficiency they need to deliver quality patient care

The teleradiology market has seen explosive growth over the past decade from the perception as a preliminary, nighthawk service to an indispensable solution for 24/7/365 final interpretations. As advancements in IT infrastructure and workflows proliferate, so has an imaging group’s reading capacity and overall expansion.

Vision Radiology, whose core practice focuses on Emergency Teleradiology with a growing focus on non-emergent sub-specialty interpretations, has made IT performance part of their value proposition. Vision Radiology has been able to consistently provide high-quality service, scalability, and competitive turnaround times (~15 minutes). In this case study, we explain how an integrated Enterprise Imaging platform is a value-add to radiologic image interpretation and has substantially reduced the time and cost to deploy new sites onto the Vision network.