Video: Cloud Archive Adaptor on Google Cloud

Cuts the traditional VNA cost in half while delivering on performance, security and scalability

Now available on Google Launcher, customers can deploy the Dicom Systems Universal Cloud Archive Adapter in minutes to serve as their cloud-based medical imaging library; in addition, optional participation in a de-identified imaging data lake earns customers a rebate on their operating cost. Customers pay only for what they use and GCP can yield up to 60% operating cost savings over other cloud providers. 

The Universal Cloud Archive Adaptor was designed to make cloud adoption simple while solving a number of concerns for health organizations. The solution seamlessly integrates with any PACS, RIS, and EMR. There are no migration costs or termination fees; advanced PHI de-identification of DICOM metadata and pixels is backed by Google’s rigorous privacy and compliance standards including HIPAA and EU Data Protection Directive.