Dicom Systems and USARAD.com announce partnership

Dicom Systems and USARAD.com announce partnership and introduce beta version of “XMRI.com”, a revolutionary new system by USARAD.com, enabling consumers to receive primary and secondary radiological opinions online.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Nov 25, 2011. San Francisco based healthcare IT company and interoperability experts, Dicom Systems, announces beta version* of XMRI.com, a revolutionary new B2C service that enables consumers to receive primary or secondary radiological opinions online

The system utilizes a unique cloud-based platform and was developed alongside leading national outsourced radiology service provider, USARAD.com. USARAD.com’s CEO, Michael Yuz (MD, MBA) comments, “We are excited to be working alongside Dicom Systems. Their advanced interoperability and teleradiology interface engine framework which allows   integration with any RIS, PACs or EMR systems accelerated the development of our service, enabling us to deliver more effectively this truly revolutionary B2C service for the second opinion market.”

The partnership fits perfectly with the Dicom Systems priority of improving workflow and access to teleradiology networks. Second opinions have been standard medical practice for years, but until now the radiological second opinion service was either not available or was very expensive. With XMRI.com, it is possible to receive a second radiological opinion quickly and easily online. XMRI.com’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care by providing consumers with this important resource, so they can make the best-informed healthcare decisions.

The system utilizes proprietary patent-pending cloud-based technology, enabling anyone to receive expert radiological interpretations online. Patients, radiologists, other physicians and medical facilities (as well as legal and insurance professionals), can now – with XMRI.com – upload images online and receive almost immediate radiological reports. XMRI is currently in the Beta stage and has a limited liability until final production release.

About Dicom Systems, Inc.

Dicom Systems offer a 100% secure web-based DICOM and HL7 routing and interface engine appliance for hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Their proprietary technology dramatically simplifies the client’s IT structure by applying industry standard protocols, such as SNMP, SSL/TLS, DICOM and HL7, thus enabling users staggeringly quick and effective access to information regardless of their physical location within the enterprise. Trusted by top healthcare facilities, and providing the most effective integrated workflow in digital imaging, Dicom Systems ensure that doctors, practitioners and diagnosticians have the most reliable and most immediate access to patient data from across their Healthcare Enterprises.