The making of the 2017 Unifier vintage wine private label from Oakville AVA in Napa Valley Video

The 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon is from the famed Oakville AVA of Napa Valley. This elegant blend is composed of 95% Cabernet Sauvignon from Oakville Ranch and 5% Petit Verdot from Pope Valley. Grown on the eastern flank of the Napa Valley in the vicinity of the Silverado Trail, the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes enjoy moderately warm temperatures in high summer; a strong cooling influence from night and early morning fog balances the acidity levels. Ripe currant and mint flavors are prevalent, while the Petit Verdot contributes higher tannins, deep color and a spicy character to the blend, along with discreet notes of black fruit and violet.

The Unifier wine is a rare, ultra-select and limited production blend that we produce exclusively to share with customers, partners, friends, and family. The Unifier symbolizes our approach to life: bringing systems and people together. The process of blending varieties to make the Unifier is a poetic parallel with the interoperability we bring to enterprise imaging: our software blends workflows among disparate systems, and our expertise delivers an elegantly unified imaging enterprise.

AI Conductor

Unifier with AI Conductor for PACS and EHR drives and conducts AI workflows to get the right information to the right location at the right time and in the right format.

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