Unifier Enterprise Imaging Use Cases and Case Studies

With over 30 billion medical images passing through annually, the Dicom Systems Unifier platform delivers functionality such as intelligent DICOM and HL7 routing, DICOMWeb and FHIR, and HL7 integration tools, DICOM Modality Worklist, archiving, and de-identification through on-premises, private cloud, and leading cloud providers. Dicom Systems partners with artificial intelligence (AI) developers and integrates with many Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) or medical image management and processing system (MIMPS), Electronic Health/Medical Records (EHR/EMR) and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) companies to connect disparate systems, deploy AI, and guide transformative IT initiatives, providing companies with secure and reliable imaging environments. Recognized by top healthcare enterprises and government agencies, Dicom Systems has customers globally at large hospital systems, medical groups, government agencies, radiology and teleradiology groups, imaging centers, contract research organizations (CROs), academic medical centers, and children’s hospitals.

Use Cases

  • HL7 Integration
  • Load Balancer
  • Vendor Neutral Archive
  • De-Identification for AI
  • Clinical Workflows in the Cloud
Case Studies

  • Intelligent Routing
  • Visible Light Imaging and Clinical Collaboration
  • Relevant Priors
  • Enterprise Integration
  • AI/Machine Learning