Dicom Systems Announces Re-launch of Unifier Archive, its Vendor Neutral Archive at 2016 SIIM Annual Meeting

Campbell, CA., June 14, 2016 – (SIIM Booth # 108) – Dicom Systems, a healthcare IT company and Teleradiology interoperability expert, will demonstrate version 3.0 of its Unifier Archive at the upcoming Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) Annual Meeting, June 29-July 1 in Portland, OR. Unifier Archive is a natively Vendor Neutral Archive that offers a scalable architecture and flexible storage options. It helps users consolidate disparate imaging systems into one repository, while providing enterprise-wide access to all medical images and other medical records.

Dicom Systems originally unveiled its Vendor Neutral Archive at HIMSS meeting in 2012 and the company continues to grow in the VNA space as one of the very few VNA vendors that offer a truly Vendor Neutral solution.

“The element of vendor neutrality in VNAs has been eroding inexorably, one merger or acquisition at a time, as PACS companies seek to maintain their market share in Enterprise Imaging,” says Florent Saint-Clair, Dicom Systems EVP. “While market consolidation isn’t a particularly remarkable phenomenon in Health IT, Providers end up losing in several ways when VNAs shed neutrality: less options, less innovation, more complacency on the part of the vendor, and perpetual ties to the PACS vendor who acquired the VNA, which is rather ironic considering Providers look for independence from PACS vendors when choosing a Vendor Neutral Archive in the first place! Vendor neutrality has been a defining hallmark of our identity since we founded Dicom Systems. We are proud of our neutrality and we will continue to preserve the integrity of our neutrality in Enterprise Imaging.”

The Unifier Archive is the ultimate archiving solution for any medical facility, regardless of size. The functionality of Vendor Neutral Archive from Dicom Systems includes full virtualization support and integration with major cloud solution providers, compression, Teleradiology DICOM and HL7 Interface Engine Functionality. Both Unifier Archive and Cloud Archive are FHIR enabled to make the most effective use of clients enterprise IT infrastructure, expanding capabilities and longevity of their current PACS without the need to replace them.

All SIIM attendees are cordially invited to visit Dicom Systems at Booth 108 for a personal demonstration. In addition to showcasing Unifier Archive, Dicom Systems will also participate in the VNA Opportunities and Issues industry insights session. The panelists will discuss the industry perspective on the VNA’s value, unresolved issues and what users should consider when determining how to integrate VNA’s into their enterprise imaging informatics ecosystem.

The details of the session as follows:

VNA Opportunities and Issues
Thursday, June 30 | 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Portland Ballroom 255

About Dicom Systems
Dicom Systems is a Health IT company that offers a broad range of Enterprise Imaging Solutions and Teleradiology Workflow enablers, ranging from simple smart routing, SSL-based DICOM and HL7 integration tools, all the way to enterprise-class vendor neutral archiving. Trusted by top healthcare facilities, our medical imaging solutions include DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Workflow Unifier™ network appliance is a best-in-class device that facilitates imaging workflow automation, DCMSYS Unifier Archive, our Vendor Neutral Archive and Unifier Clould VNA. For more information, please visit www.dcmsys.com.