Under Pressure: Overcoming AI FOMO and Cloud Hype RSNA 2022 Replay


  • Florent Saint-Clair, Chief Operating Officer at Dicom Systems
  • Mark Dobbs, Director of Global Healthcare Alliances at Pure Storage
  • Matt Hayes, BS, MBA, CIIP, Senior Manager of PACS at Radiology Partners

There is a human emotion nearly as universal as the fear of the unknown, and that is the fear of missing out (FOMO). I’m sure most of you have heard, observed, or experienced FOMO, and the most likely places where such feelings often arise are Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook/Meta. The past HIMSS, SIIM, and RSNA conferences have shown that FOMO has become an influential factor as the AI and Cloud tsunamis continue to flood healthcare and enterprise imaging. What’s happening is that companies and champions, dare I say “Influencers” are producing AI FOMO and Cloud hype and confusion.

The scary part about FOMO, hype, or even peer pressure, is that all of us experience it, succumb to it, and yes even make certain decisions because of it.
Enterprise Imaging data has exploded over the past 20+ years. Physicians are doing their best to stay ahead of the growth, with several factors working against them, such as labor shortages, burnout, and ever-expanding imaging volumes. Can the Cloud solve the data management challenges of the present? What cybersecurity vulnerabilities are you introducing when you adopt technologies like Cloud or AI into your workflow? Will AI eliminate delays and increase patient throughput? By understanding patient data flow, organizations can identify how to serve patient data faster to the physicians and improve patient throughput; even before deploying AI. AI vendors, during their race to publish new algorithms, turned to cloud services to scale their development efforts with lower operating budgets. The market is seeing a resurgence of Cloud discussions for enterprise imaging, but why? Combined with AI FOMO, there’s no doubt that we will be hearing these technologies talked about throughout the halls of RSNA.
There is value to be found in both Cloud and AI, and organizations will have to decide based on solid metrics, not on personal preference. The bottom line is critical. For some use cases, an on-premise solution will become more prevalent and while some organizations will not migrate, others will deploy the cloud once it’s determined to be right for them. The same goes for AI.
Listen to the recorded replay to learn how to evaluate AI and the Cloud, determine if either is needed and if so, understand how to leverage both technologies accordingly.

Session Objectives

  • How to evaluate if Cloud or AI is right for your organization.
  • Identify 10 rules for successful clinical AI adoption.
  • What is the cybersecurity impact of choosing Cloud and AI solutions?

Cloud Resources

  1. Pure Storage ebook