HL7 Integration Product Brief

HL7 and DICOM Routing and Integration


HL7 integration is a by-product of robust health care technology, which has been advancing farther and faster than just about any other industry or profession. In just the last five years, there has been explosive growth in scanning technology and in the file management options needed to ensure efficient workflow.

One of the most important file management components is HL7 integration, which enables you to strengthen the connection between existing disparate systems into a single framework for sharing data and images. Effective HL7 integration from Dicom Systems uses your current systems, helping you avoid the installation of yet another layer of software, saving you tremendous time, expense, and frustration.

HL7 integration also benefits enterprises with multiple locations or remote access options and brings all files up to the same standard so that they can easily be read or modified. Many enterprise directors, managers, and administrators believe that achieving HL7 integration requires consultants, time, and money. Dicom Systems provides custom DICOM and HL7 integration services using the Unifier platform or utilizing your existing equipment – no consultants or customization, no lengthy transitions, and no unneeded expenses: If you require DICOM and HL7 integration, you can simply use our cloud computing environment and let us do the job for you. Regardless of your clinical setup, Dicom Systems has a solution to fit your specific requirements to help create a 100% unified workflow.