In 2008, Dicom Systems started with the idea to design a high-performing “Cisco router for Imaging” that could power fast, efficient, and scalable teleradiology workflows in high latency, low bandwidth environments. From its beginning as an authority on DICOM routing, the company’s vision has evolved with the launch of Unifier, an enterprise imaging platform with solutions for interoperability, workflow, archiving, cloud and AI on-ramp. Today, Unifier has been deployed to hundreds of sites with over 8 billion images being routed through the platform annually.

Technology and customer service from Dicom Systems has garnered recognition by RSNA Image Share Validation for IHE conformance, HIMSS Interoperability Showcase, and Google Cloud Partner Awards for 2017 Innovative Solution in Health Care. Proven at worldwide deployments, Dicom Systems is preferred by top healthcare enterprises, government agencies, and integration partners for next-generation enterprise imaging.

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Subject Matter Expertise


  • Enterprise imaging
  • Medical imaging management
  • Radiology data
  • AI in healthcare, specifically how to operationalize and integrate into HIS
  • De-identification and anonymization

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