Patient Data Security

How Unifier Protects Patient PHI Data

With military-grade encryption and attention to detail in our systems design, your PHI is safe with Dicom Systems.

The vast majority of our deployments don’t require VPN connections.  Not only do we encrypt (selective metadata-level or comprehensive) your data, we also transmit data over HTTPS, essentially wrapping your data in “an envelope within an envelope.”

Whether you intend to use Dicom Systems on-premises or in a private, hybrid, or public cloud, the Dicom Systems Unifier is designed to provide maximum protection for your imaging and related data.

Our multi-layer data security measures include:

  • User-level modular access control (LDAP integration available)
  • Metadata-level encryption/de-identification (reversible and irreversible)
  • Pixel-level de-identification
  • Network-level encryption
  • Data redundancy (optional High Availability)
  • 46 types of logs for auditing every aspect of data handling