Webinar: Optimizing Teleradiology Workflows

Leading Teleradiology Network Leverages IT Workflows For Improved Performance



We sat down with Vision Radiology CIO and co-founder Dr. Gautam Agrawal to discuss how the imaging group, whose core practice focuses on Emergency Teleradiology with a growing focus on non-emergent sub-specialty interpretations, has made IT part of their growth strategy. Vision Radiology has been able to consistently provide high-quality service, scalability, and competitive turnaround times (~15 minutes). Through use case examples, we will explore how an integrated Enterprise Imaging platform is a value-add to radiologic image interpretation and has substantially reduced the time and cost to deploy new sites onto the Vision network.

Webinar Objectives
– Identify how imaging enterprises can benefit from mass-customizable workflows and integrated imaging management across the enterprise
– Discuss how specifically tailored imaging workflow can improve radiologists’ performance and IT team efficiency, while providing a positive impact for teleradiology business profitability
– Examine what radiologists can learn about imaging IT infrastructure to improve their productivity and patient care delivery. For example, we will cover data throughput, transfer performance during peak time, redundancy, monitoring 24-7 support, bi-directional delivery and pre-fetching of relevant priors.



Florent Saint-Clair, Executive Vice President, Dicom Systems

Dr. Gautam Agrawal, CIO and co-founder, Vision Radiology