Interoperability White Paper

Interoperability Transformation at Academic Medical Center 

In this case study, we present some of the imaging-related IT challenges experienced by a large academic medical center on the West Coast, along with the steps taken to address the challenges leveraging Dicom Systems’ core platform. We discuss how the deployment of smart routers improved management of the multiple point-to-point integrations, solved a number of issues related to workflow disruption and loss of productivity, and optimized modality resource management. 

The subject is a leading academic health system including a large Level 1 trauma center, a School of Medicine, and a Children’s Hospital. The subject is renowned for breakthroughs in treating cancer, heart disease, brain disorders, and surgical and medical conditions. Industry Landscape A typical healthcare organization’s IT landscape shares many of the attributes of an archeological dig. The deeper one digs into the history of the infrastructure, the more can be found to trace and understand the history of decision making in the IT department, and about the technological context and priorities present at the time a solution was deployed.