Webinar: Integrating Mobile Into Imaging Workflows

Joint Webinar with ZenSnapMD


While the era of mobile healthcare has arrived, market awareness for adoption is just beginning to shift from being device-centric to enterprise solution-driven. In this webinar, Dicom Systems and WinguMD discuss the case for radiology workflow integration as the next frontier in mobile. Learn how their joint customer at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, recently named #1 Most Wired Hospital by CHIME, integrated with PACS and EHR to provide a central mobile platform that simplifies communication, acquires medical images and supports clinical teams in staying connected in real-time to provide better patient care.

Learn how DICOM/EHR integration with Secure Messaging can help your organization:

  • Streamline clinical communications for faster response time
  • Integrate visible light imaging and mobile captured photographs to speed patient care and delivery
  • Accelerate collaboration across -ologies and further Enterprise Imaging efficiency



Florent Saint-Clair, Executive Vice President, Dicom Systems

Manabu Tokunaga, CEO and Co-founder, WinguMD – makers of ZenSnap

Dr. Nolan Altman, Pediatric Neuroradiologist and Chief, Department of Radiology, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital