Dicom Systems Will Demonstrate Innovative Enterprise Imaging Cloud Archiving Solution At SIIM2014 Annual Meeting

Сampbell, CA, May 13, 2014 – Dicom Systems (www.dcmsys.com) will be demonstrating CloudVNA™, their new cloud storage solution that runs on users’ own Amazon EC2 environment, at SIIM2014 Annual Meeting this week.

Today many hospitals face the need to share patient data with other medical facilities to coordinate care. Vendor Neutral Archives have been gaining more popularity in recent years, because they allow users to consolidate, standardize and archive images and data from disparate PACS and physical locations. However, implementing a Vendor Neutral Archive can be expensive and time-consuming. To address this issue, Dicom Systems released CloudVNA™. This on demand, obligation free solution uses Amazon infrastructure, can be set up in a matter of minutes and used by facilities of any size. It allows customers to have full control of their data on AWS account without any long term obligations.

With CloudVNA™ medical facilities will never have to face another costly migration. The solution complements any onsite vendor PACS archive infrastructure. The low, pay-as-you-go pricing adds flexibility and eliminates the need for large on-premise storage solutions and resources needed to manage storage infrastructure.

“We developed CloudVNA™ to address the broadest range of use cases with cost effectiveness, infinite scalability, HIPAA compliance and reliability”, said Dean Whitt, Dicom Systems’ VP of Sales and Business Development. “For our initial implementation we selected Amazon AWS with EC2 as a Cloud Service Provider partner. Our clients benefit from owning their data and paying only for the features and resources they utilize. This represents a significantly reduced cost of study storage.”

SIIM 2014 attendees representing organization interested in reducing or augmenting an archive solution or interested in implementing a disaster recovery solution are encouraged to visit Dicom Systems booth #519.

About Dicom Systems, Inc.:
Dicom Systems offers a 100% secure web-based DICOM and HL7 routing and Interface Engine appliance for hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Its proprietary technology dramatically simplifies the client’s IT structure by applying industry standard protocols, such as SNMP, SSL/TLS, DICOM and HL7, thus enabling users staggeringly quick and effective access to information regardless of their physical location within the enterprise. Trusted by top healthcare facilities, and providing the most effective integrated workflow in digital imaging, Campbell-based Dicom Systems ensures that doctors, practitioners and diagnosticians have the most reliable and most immediate access to patient data from across their Healthcare Enterprises.
For more information, please visit www.dcmsys.com.