DICOM and HL7 Router

Intelligent, rules-based DICOM Router

Dicom Systems offers a DICOM and HL7 router, known as the Unifier, a highly configurable Linux-based router that supports DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption. This best of the breed device facilitates connecting information repositories via a DICOM/HL7/Scripting toolkit that is administered remotely. Studies, reports, orders or any other patient-related data anywhere in the Enterprise is “pulled” and “pushed” automatically upon a set of criteria you define. The appliance then communicates between various vendor RIS/HIS/EMR/HER/PACS to retrieve/send the studies.

Designed as a horizontal scalable solution, where multiple units create the DICOM Q/R Application Cluster managed via SNMP v.3 protocol DICOM and HL7 Router from Dicom Systems provides enterprise level connectivity for remote sites. Its remote support feature makes every Unifier router easy to maintain. This powerful integration engine is guaranteed to encrypt all outgoing traffic and provide a robust, enterprise-level solution for your DICOM Network.

DICOM HL7 Functionality

  • Interoperability between heterogeneous information systems and any DICOM and HL7 enabled devices
  • Advanced customizable HL7 & DICOM routing with OR/ANY logical functionality
  • Route by any standard or private DICOM tag, route by date, time and ability to cache data for later delivery
  • Route using any HL7 field or a group of fields as routing triggers
  • Modality Worklist DICOM & HL7 broker and Interface Engine
  • DICOM PACS proxy
  • TLS encryption for secure transmission of DICOM and HL7 traffic for HIPAA compliance
  • Powerful enterprise-wide configuration management
  • Powerful logging and auditing for HIPAA
  • User friendly WebGUI configuration tools & setup wizard
  • Designed to work with any DICOM-compatible viewer
  • Incomplete study delivery check to insure full study transfer
  • Import and export routing tables