Getting Started on GCP Marketplace Solutions

In order to take advantage of the Unifier trial on Google Cloud Platform, you must first schedule a call with our solutions team to request your free evaluation license. Licenses grant temporary access to limited features on Unifier and expire after 30-days.

Provide the following information

  • Description of workflow
  • Type of facility
  • Volume of studies monthly/annually
  • Timeframe for deployment

Steps To Launching Unifier on GCP

1.) Select Dicom Systems from the GCP console and click Launch On Compute Engine

2.) Follow Google Launcher steps to deploy the Dicom Systems instance

  • Choose a name for your instance
  • Choose a machine type
  • Click  Deploy

3.) Login using HTTPS interface, admin username and autogenerated password.
Use ssh user gcp01 to connect via console as needed.

4.) Dicom Systems Unifier on GCP solution will deploy.

5.) Click on License tab and have the hardware ID ready. Users who have been granted evaluation access must contact for a temporary, 30-day license number.

Full Unifier features are only accessible with the purchase of a professional license. Contact our team to schedule a platform demo.