Enterprise Imaging Solutions

Enterprise Imaging Solutions From Dicom Systems

In contrast to other industries, enterprise imaging software solutions are occasionally a solution in search of a problem. That is largely due to the extensive and intensive amount of attention paid to this critical component of the healthcare continuum.

The challenges of developing enterprise imaging software that both improves the delivery of services and reduces costs will continue to be met by the development of solutions through emerging technologies.

The potential for astonishing enterprise imaging software also exists in the focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI). At this point, the progress of applied AI research – machine learning – to new enterprise imaging software shows that it is far from the super-intelligent status required to be of high value. Progress continues, however, and there are concrete steps forward to identify, codify and assemble the building blocks of human intelligence for the eventual incorporation into enterprise imaging software that has tremendous potential as strong support for radiologists.

We will also see Big Data not only as a directional tool, but also for enterprise imaging software development, due to its ability to identify challenges that had heretofore flown under the radar. While Big Data is an opportunity to tap into mountains of information to help medical imaging enterprises become more valuable to patients and referrers, and to streamline internal processes, it can also drive new enterprise imaging software through the development of efficient access to distilled, concise enterprise imaging solutions that might otherwise not be available for a variety of reasons.