Unifier Product Brief

Five Game-changing Enterprise Imaging Plays

A practical guide to removing common communication, integration and workflow challenges from your imaging technology stack

Every organization has infrastructure and technology challenges that can impact enterprise imaging performance and workflow. The data sets are massive, speed is critical, adherence to standards is questionable, and there are more project requests than people to manage them. The demands to enable workflow are high and the radiology IT team is simple expected to make it work!

In this playbook Dicom Systems shares five technology plays imaging IT managers can implement to, once and for all, resolve:

  • Issues around data routing
  • point-to-point integrations
  • Fragmented worklist and network performance


These will leave you prepared to bring on future sites and modalities, support new clinical workflows, and enable AI initiatives, all with ease. We share insight on prioritizing projects that require minimal time, resources and budget but have huge impacts on multiple downstream operations, and also offer advice on showing the ROI in your efforts.