Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Scale Your Enterprise Imaging with Unifier on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Dicom Systems has launched the most flexible solution for healthcare organizations to quickly and securely adopt the cloud. The Universal Cloud Archive Adaptor will complement your on-site infrastructure as a disaster recovery back-up with storage in standard DICOM for immediate access to data. All without the need for a forklift upgrade to existing infrastructure or software.

In our commitment to building the groundwork for AI-enablement, customers who contribute data will save on their operating costs. With this enhanced archive plan, you get secure storage for your images, plus a de-identified copy that’s contributed to the anonymized data lake–giving you a meaningful rebate on your cloud archive license cost.

Unifier Features

  • Robust ILM (Image Lifecycle Management) rules engine
  • Flexible Enterprise Imaging Workflow design framework
  • Built-in HL7 interface engine, HL7 routing and FHIR integration
  • Advanced PHI de-identification of DICOM metadata and pixels for research purposes
  • Homogenize data from disparate systems
  • DICOMweb-enabled, RESTful API connects to any viewer of your choosing
  • Visible Light Imaging workflow-enabled (iOS devices)
  • Optional 510(k) Clinical Enterprise Viewer available
  • Vendor-neutral–integrates with any PACS/RIS/EHR
  • Connectivity over TLS, no VPNs needed
  • Affordable disaster recovery/business continuity solution
  • Complements any onsite PACS vendor archive infrastructure
  • DICOM routing and tag morphing