Dicom Systems Wins Department of Defense VNA Contract

Unifier Archive, a natively Vendor Neutral Archive from Dicom Systems, will enable Dental Information Systems Center (DISC) to migrate in excess of 27 million historic dental exams, and archive over 5,000 new exams every 24 hours from over 150 Army dental clinics worldwide. 

Campbell, CA, November 2, 2016 – Dicom Systems, healthcare IT company and Teleradiology interoperability expert, today announced that Dental Information Systems Center (DISC), located in Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX, has awarded a VNA contract to Dicom Systems to deploy its Unifier Enterprise Archive.

Unifier Archive, a natively Vendor-Neutral Archive that was introduced to the market in 2012, helps end-users to consolidate disparate imaging systems into one repository, while providing enterprise-wide access to all medical images and medical records.

“Every 24 hours, DISC receives and archives an average of 5,000 dental imaging exams from over 150 Army dental clinics worldwide,” says Florent Saint-Clair, Dicom Systems EVP. “They needed their VNA to be a solid, reliable and high-performance solution to handle such high volumes of Enterprise-wide imaging traffic on a global scale. We are proud to be chosen by the Dental Information Systems Center as its provider of vendor neutral archiving. DISC’s choice is a testament to our unwavering commitment to vendor neutrality, and our demonstrated ability to serve all types of enterprise imaging constituents.”

Leveraging the Dicom Systems Enterprise Imaging Workflow Unifier, DISC will migrate in excess of 27 million dental exams from its current archive into the Dicom Systems Unifier Archive (VNA). Additionally, via Web API, Dicom Systems will perform real-time reconciliation of new and historic incoming records with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to ensure that the most accurate and up to date patient demographics are available in the VNA.

Finally, the Unifier Archive will enable Dental Information Systems Center to leverage and maximize its existing investment in long-term storage, without the necessity to re-invest in additional storage.

The functionality of the Dicom Systems Unifier Archive (VNA) includes standard compression of incoming studies, selective deletion/rotation of studies based on Image Lifecycle Management (ILM) rules, DICOM pre/post filtering, routing and archiving, self-recoverable database architecture (with DICOM engine for image archiving and management) and dynamic retention policy based on the DICOM router’s rules. Other features that make Unifier Archive stand out from the competition include: RESTful, DICOMweb, API, FHIR bridge functionality, viewer integration and extensive LUA scripting framework.

“Our primary focus has always been inclusiveness and interoperability with all health IT vendors, including PACS, storage and EMR vendors. Over the years we’ve seen the VNA landscape completely change as the majority of VNA solutions similar to Unifier Archive have been acquired by PACS companies, compromising the core element of vendor neutrality,” said Dmitriy Tochilnik, President/CTO of Dicom Systems. “It’s very clear that true vendor neutrality rests with independent players like Dicom Systems who are willing and able to leverage their independence to enhance rather than restrict their products.”

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Dicom Systems is a Health IT company that offers a broad range of Enterprise Imaging Solutions and Teleradiology Workflow enablers, ranging from simple smart routing, SSL-based DICOM and HL7 integration tools, all the way to enterprise-class vendor neutral archiving. Trusted by top healthcare facilities, company’s medical imaging solutions include DCMSYS Enterprise Imaging Workflow Unifier™ network appliance is a best-in-class device that facilitates imaging workflow automation, DCMSYS Unifier Archive, their Vendor Neutral Archive and Unifier Cloud VNA. For more information, please visit www.dcmsys.com.

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November 2, 2016