Dicom Systems Deploys Enterprise Medical Imaging Platform at Orlando Health

Dicom Systems completes the implementation of an Enterprise Imaging solution for routing, load balancing, and tag-morphing for leading Central Florida healthcare system.

January 14, 2020, Campbell, CALIFORNIA – Dicom Systems (www.dcmsys.com), a leader in Enterprise Imaging interoperability and workflow software, announced today that they have delivered an enterprise-wide imaging platform to Orlando Health to support the management of medical imaging exams

Orlando Health, which is made up of eight hospitals and outpatient care centers serving over 2.6 million patients annually, was in search of a robust Enterprise Imaging system that could transfer workflow functions from their PACS and act as the command center for the transfer, normalization, and optimization of a high volume of medical imaging exams. 

“In partnership with Orlando Health, we architected a solution that enables them to sustain their imaging growth and spikes in utilization for years to come without going back to the drawing board. Our intervention for this sensitive mission was carefully orchestrated in close collaboration with the Orlando Health team; imaging services remained 100% operational throughout the transition,” said Florent Saint-Clair, Executive Vice President of Dicom Systems.

Dicom Systems Unifier Features Deployed 

  • Advanced Intelligent Routing – Unifier routing enables customized workflows to automatically route images to multiple reading and archiving locations. 
  • DICOM Load Balancer – Provides full configuration and management of DICOM image caching and compression for faster application delivery and scalability. Accurate, up-to-date health checks on application and server performance support the multi-site enterprise and guarantee all the images route to the intended destination
  • Tag-morphing – Feature offloads all routing tasks from PACS to Unifier. The engine substantially improves the speed and performance of the enterprise by applying all transformations on data in flight.
  • High Availability Architecture – Incorporates multiple Unifier appliance clusters across multiple data centers.

“Dicom Systems is pleased to provide Orlando Health with the Unifier Enterprise Imaging platform to bolster the resilience of their workflows. The high-availability nodes span two data centers and load-balance imaging traffic to multiple PACS ingestion points,” said Dmitriy Tochilnik, President and CTO of Dicom Systems. “The complex technical environment at Orlando Health, along with the ingenuity and commitment of their IT teams to deliver the new platform under a tight deployment timeline, provided us with an opportunity to deliver value-added, real-world solutions.” 


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January 14, 2020