Dicom Systems introduces a new product-line DCMShare, a Share Point for all radiology related data

San Francisco, November 29, 2011. As part of the evolution of their innovative, industry changing Teleradiology products, Dicom Systems is pleased to announce the latest addition to Dicom Systems family of products: the DCMShare. This affordable, user-friendly product is designed as a repository for all radiological records, and gives physicians the ability to share patient’s images and radiology related medical records in a staggeringly quick, and completely secure way.

Dicom System’s unique custom design allows healthcare enterprises to share data outside or inside the enterprise without losing the ownership of the data, and also allows subspecialty offices (such as cardiology, orthopedics, pathology and dermatology) to share radiology related data efficiently and securely. DCMShare’s Physician Interface enables doctors to see images and other related data without fuss and when they need it – no need for CDs, VPNs, film or paper. The DCMShare extends the diagnostic workflow to any geographic location without the extra IT cost and complexity. It is a truly ‘vendor neutral’ solution which works with any PACS. The DCMShare is the data Share Point, which will prove equally useful to smalland medium-size facilities beginning the move to a digital environment, as it will to large facilities wanting to improve the way they store and share images and radiology related data.

The DCMShare works effectively alongside the rest of Dicom Systems revolutionary range of Teleradiology focused products: Their DICOM and HL7 router, a highly configurable advanced router which encrypts outgoing traffic and applies the latest technology enhancement of standard protocols such as SNMP, DICOM and HL7. The Rapid DICOM is a smaller version of their main DICOM and HL7 router and, just like the main DICOM router, fully supports DICOM 3.0 standard TLS encryption and HL7 over TLS. DCMSYS ArcStore offers a cost-effective means by which users can archive their patient records and images while still maintaining the ownership of the data.

An ArcStore archive can be used in conjunction with other DCMSYS modules to ensure a highly efficient and effective Teleradiology system throughout a healthcare enterprise or other operation utilizing PACS.

About Dicom Systems, Inc.

Dicom Systems (www.dcmsys.com) offers a 100% secure web-based DICOM and HL7 routing and interface engine appliance for hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. Its proprietary technology dramatically simplifies the client’s IT structure by applying industry standard protocols, such as SNMP, SSL/TLS, DICOM and HL7, thus enabling users staggeringly quick and effective access to information regardless of their physical location within the enterprise. Trusted by top healthcare facilities, and providing the most effective integrated workflow in digital imaging, Dicom Systems ensures that doctors, practitioners and diagnosticians have the most reliable and most immediate access to patient data from across their Healthcare Enterprises.