Cancer Center Deploys Dicom Systems Unifier Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) on Google Cloud Case Study

With 1 in 3 patients reporting pain after the treatment, the Cancer Center has been relentless in designing an integrated healthcare ecosystem that supports the patient’s overall quality of life. Oncology rehabilitation, nutrition therapy, and acupuncture are just a sample of services. The “all under one roof” approach came with overcoming certain challenges around care delivery, data access, and a treatment schedule free of delays.

Connecting new centers and care networks, all with disparate and legacy systems, to the Cancer Center’s central IT hub was the goal. For this large undertaking, they needed a powerful, secure, and scalable infrastructure. The Cancer Center chose Google Cloud to deploy the Dicom Systems Unifier platform, a high-performing integration engine that would serve as the “data lifeline” to the expanded care sites by virtually extending the Cancer Center’s core IT infrastructure.


  • Break silos and integrate all systems: Enterprise Imaging applications, EHR/EMR, LIS (Laboratory
    Information System), and Radiation Treatment Archives using Dicom Systems Unifier as the integration
    and distribution engine to ingest and normalize data, process workflows as well as archive ancillary health
  • Shore-up data outliers: Previously, treatment images would automatically go to the radiation treatment
    archive where it was not accessible
  • Deploy a cloud VNA that would future-proof legacy systems and provide virtual access to clinical data
  • Build data lake with distinct data elements for future research


  • Better patient care
  • Resolves the data silo holdout–valuable treatment images are now integrated
  • Extradite care by eliminating requests for patient files
  • Builds a culture that supports real-time care, every time
  • Unifies all healthcare regardless of medical specialty and original data format
  • Clean, normalized data supports the cancer center in precision medicine, research, and discovery

For more information, visit the Unifier Medical Image Workflow Cloud Appliance and Archive on Google Marketplace.

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