Case Study: Cancer Center Deploys Cloud VNA

How Cancer Center Is Unifying Healthcare With A Cloud VNA

The cancer center had set out to improve patient access by expanding their presence across the U.S., what they discovered was a new way to change the entire healthcare experience for their patients. 

With 1 in 3 patients reporting pain after the treatment, the cancer center has been relentless in designing an integrated healthcare ecosystem that supports the patient’s overall quality of life. Oncology rehabilitation, nutrition therapy, and acupuncture are just a sample of services at the cancer center that supports the patient physically and emotionally. The “all under one roof” approach requires overcoming challenges around care delivery, data access, and a treatment schedule free of delays. When gaps in care could give the cancer time to grow, continuity is essential. In addition to owning and operating five hospitals, the global cancer experts have recently extended their care delivery through a growing network of the cancer center outpatient centers, affiliated hospitals and physician practices–a move that would cut down or eliminate travel time altogether for patients who hail from all 50 states, traveling as far as over 200 miles each way. 

The challenge now was to connect these new centers and care networks, all with disparate and legacy systems, to the cancer center’s central IT hub without reinventing the wheel. For this large undertaking, they needed a powerful infrastructure that was secure and scalable. the cancer center chose Google Cloud which would deliver the Dicom Systems Unifier platform, a high-performing integration engine that would serve as the “data lifeline” to the expanded care sites by virtually extending the cancer center’s core IT infrastructure.