From Radiology to… Archeology?

From Radiology to… Archeology?

When evaluating the IT infrastructure of a healthcare organization, we often see layers of disparate systems and varying degrees of documentation. To avoid unnecessary costs and headaches, we encourage IT departments to plan ahead and implement a sustainable and interoperable IT environment.

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Tag Morphing Provides Solutions to Disparate Systems

Unsung Heroes of Health IT

Unsung Heroes of Health IT Such is our dilemma. Health IT companies and Dicom Systems is no exception, can often go through an identity crisis when attempting to answer this question. The most accurate answer is, we must be both.As a Health IT...

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Why AI Needs a Unified Workflow Conductor

Find out how you can use Unifier to successfully deploy AI algorithms to your PACS and EHR.

Optimize Your Teleradiology Workflows

Hear how Vision Radiology improved data ingestion, IT performance, and turn-around time by as much as 10X with Dicom Systems.

Get Prepared For Your PACS Migration or Upgrade

Learn why leading healthcare systems select Unifier to ensure continuity, uptime, and clinical workflows.