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Five Strategies

Following RSNA 2017, the global radiology community was introduced to an astounding number of innovations for Enterprise Imaging. We walked away intrigued, inspired and with a wish list for the following year. However, the challenges that we see on a regular basis impacting efficiency and productivity in radiology workflows prevent organizations from implementing their desired next-gen technology. These problems typically started out as minor roadblocks, and manual processes or custom workarounds became the quick fix to satisfy them. With time, image data volume exploded, and demands on staff to do more with less have magnified the impact of these challenges. PACS Administrators and Radiology IT personnel have to identify, prioritize, and seek out new solutions.

The enterprise imaging solutions on everyone’s mind, including analytics and machine learning, focus a lot on the big picture. But what about the underlying infrastructure necessities that make it all work and flow? We recently released an enterprise imaging playbook that provides a practical guide to removing the common communication, integration, and workflow challenges from your imaging technology stack, but still position you for future growth and scale. In other words, before you can take advantage of innovations, you need to get your house in order.

In this playbook Dicom Systems shares five technology plays imaging IT managers can implement to, once and for all, resolve issues around data routing, point-to-point integrations, fragmented worklists and network performance.